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Digital & Print Journalist

I am a 27-year-old journalist preoccupied with joining The 27 Club. This year I promised myself to embrace all things with a sense of greatness; that way, either I make it to 28 having learnt how to be great... or I depart from this planet, joining the ranks and adding a capital G to my name.

With an interest in popular culture and global affairs. I've worked at various publications across the advertising, travel, lifestyle and news industries, writing a mix of news and feature stories for both print and online.

My degree in Spanish kickstarted my wanderlust and I've been fortunate to continue travelling personally and professionally ever since - otherwise the queasy sensation of staying in one place too long. For now, I'm London-based but happy to take on international commissions too spanning any number of subjects. 


Culture, Travel, Lifestyle

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Contact Me

London, UK

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