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WATCH: Incredible moment skydivers perform record breaking feat in honour of dead friend

THIS is the incredible moment 57 skydivers performed a record breaking jump in honour of their dead friend and made his "dream" come true.

The daring jump involved dozens of jumpers holding hands to create a design while they hurtled towards the ground, head first. After making the first shape, the group broke away and then reconnected to form a second shape - all in a single skydive. Held at Skydive Spaceland in Rosharon, Texas, US, the 'Bigway' jump remembered their friend Robby Bigley who died in a skydiving accident in 2009.

He had created the first blueprints for the ambitious jump but the designs were unknown until about a year ago, when his wife founded them among his old documents.

"Some people even thought that it would be impossible, but Robby knew it would someday happen," Ben Nelson Mr Bigley's adrenalin junkie friends grouped together to recreate his vision and perform the formation, breaking three world records, three U.S. National Records and four Texas State Records all in one weekend. Alaskan skydiver, Ben Nelson, 36, said: "We weren't breaking old records, we were setting completely new records." Using a GoPro camera, Mr Nelson captured the topsy-turvy footage of the jumpers soaring through the air at around 160mph and grouping together twice in mid-air - making the stunt a world first.

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