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Stink Films website copy and social captions

MassiveMusic website copy


Lounge & Linger website copy

Isu Collections

Nexus | Shynola

Nexus | Kibwe Tavares

Nexus Studios |The Ticket Office @ WEF 2019

Nexus Studios | Manshen Lo

D&AD New Blood Award ad briefs

Lief | Lily Baldwin

Lief | Savannah Leaf

Lief | Elisha Smith-Leverock 

Lief | October - turning over a new leaf

Lief | July - summer breeze makes me feel fine



Retail Summit | A deep dive into Fred Segal with Jeff Lotman

Retail Summit | Consumers demand brands with purpose: exclusive ThinkTanks Insight Report extract

Retail Summit | Leading the recovery: MYO Master shows how retail innovation can drive new product categories

Retail Summit | The Edit LDN CEO shares his winning approach to digital, instore and community

Retail Summit | Sustainability in a recession: lala Berlin's bold longtermism helps it navigate the squeeze

Retail Summit | Let's Get Phygital: Alibaba on China's Post Pandemic Retail Opportunities

Retail Summit | Sustainability: Consumers want the truth says Mulberry CEO

Canvas8 | Case Study | The Lowdown: Community-centred reproductive health

Canvas8 |Case Study | Dove on embracing and celebrating natural ageing 

Visit my author profile (& more) at The Drum

The Drum | TikTok launches industry challenge: Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks which dares creatives to repurpose famous ads for TikTok

The Drum | YouTube Re:View - Harry Redknapp, Little Mix & Liverpool glory

The Drum | In the rush for 'more' video content, brands are forgetting basic marketing: The Drum and JW Player panel

The Drum | The art and science of audience engagement: The Drum and YouTube roundtable 

The Drum | YouTube Re:View - mischief, mythology and magical musical covers

The Drum | Martech Heroes: John Ellet on the quest to experiment with tech

The Drum | The Big Bang: The Drum and Marin digital marketing event

The Drum | Google honours outstanding UK search strategists to celebrate its 20th Birthday

The Drum | SheSays says Episode 5: Why mentor?

The Drum | 'We're over the tipping point when it comes to a FB feed with dogs on a skateboard': The Drum future of video breakfast panel

The Drum | Video telling more than just a story on mobile

The Drum | Video advertising: How One Minute Briefs contributors would promote the industry


shots | Hybrid worlds and how the metaverse will pave the world for entering new realms

Spectator Health | Four simple ways to keep the brain healthy



Facebook pitch deck reviews for it's Nice That 2021 and 2022

Papaya Films film pitch deck reviews

Octopus | What types of personalities work best for the different types of ABM?

Papaya Films | Through the years with Papaya Young Directors

Papaya Films | Papaya Rocks Film Festival


My World Mexico Instagram and Twitter for Sustainable Development Summit, UN Mexico (18-26 2020)

UNV Instagram and Twitter for Sustainable Development Summit, UN Mexico (18-26 Sept 2020)

shots Instagram 2015-2018



James Bay, One Life

The FIKA Session podcast | Isms

The FIKA Session podcast | Community.

Live events for The FIKA Session.

Ballantines | Social content with OLIVER agency

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