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Commissioned to write a poem for up-and-coming designer Max Zara Sterck for her debut fashion film to open SS22 London Fashion Week, through British Fashion Council and Discovery Lab.

Participated in debut issue of Everytime Zine.

Featured in Issue 001 Love & Lust of The Bower Monologues. Click here to order a copy.

Read my poetry at #LiveForLove event to raise money for UK food banks (circa 31-minute-mark).

Performed poetry at Sapphos Books Cafe & Wine Bar, Australia and Cantos, 91 Living Room, London

Poetry featured as part of the Seed project in March 2020 and in June 2020.

Poetry featured in issue one of MadWomxnMagazine in October 2020.

Freelance superhero

“She fierce,” they say

doesn’t let anything stand in her way

knows what she wants

clear with her response,

effective with time,

great at saving the dime.

Set on learning;

A reputation, she is earning.

Someone people want to connect with,

Opportunities they want to give.

Sure, of her worth

A people’s person since birth

Sure of her direction

Can say ‘no’ with affection

Clear boundaries set in place

Knows how to create inner space

A weekly walk and time to read

Good habits learned and room to breathe

Personal confidence she exudes

Wearing her superhero cape, she’s a muse.


No wonder there’s clients lined up in queues!

Lady Year

The year of adventure,

Risk taking

Leaning in.

Entering new terrains

Accepting challenges.

Free from distractions

Learning to say no

Learning to say yes

Opening up to love

Embracing my masculinity

Feeling my femininity,

Understanding my power

Working out my direction.

The year of change,

Stealth and strife,


And knowing where to cry,

Who to turn to.

The year of self-belief

And rebuilding strength,

Taking tumbles and climbing back up,


The year of faith, hope and friendship,

Fiesta, food and travel.

Reigniting lost passions

Neglecting desolate despair

Seeing light through the ashes

And opportunity in pain.

The year of ‘I’

Calling it in

Listening to the ego.

Quietening the mind

The selfish ‘we’

That occupies its space.

Turning into the heat

Constructing a tunnel

To connect with FLOW.


The year I let go

And say “me first.”

Is it right for me?

Is it right for me

            To party into the night?

            Stay up until first light?

            Kiss the boys with all my might?

            Work hard and always fight?

            Count pennies and act tight?

            Keep comrades within close sight?

Oh, what is right?

            Questioning morals and my


            Taking on new responsibility?

            Falling in love ambitiously?

            Buying new clothes with affinity?

            Saying no to hen dos wilfully?

I need to ask – is it right?

            To sleep over lack of rest?

            To journey afar on a quest?

            To feel unsafe in the nest?

            To keep an ex in mind, I obsess?

            To reject support instead and jest?

What is right? That’s the test.


The simple question follows me around

To seek out what I have found

Lo and behold, I understand

Consciously querying, standing my ground

Yes or no? Right or wrong?

A short statement; it isn’t long

A reaffirmation of my wants and needs

To check in before completing deeds

That’s all I ask, be present

Simplify intention, clarify what’s meant.

Even if at times, the ‘wrong’ decision is chosen

The act of thinking is golden.

Give me hope

I don’t trust you to look after my heart

And to keep it safe for me

While I battle stormy seas

And voyage ahead.

I’d prefer to remain as captain and crew

To steer the ship alone

And weather the conditions I cross

Knowing full well I’ve done it solo

Then take a tumultuous turn

On your watch

And get lost in the Bermuda triangle of love.


I’m not strong enough to survive it twice.

Heart Navigations

He crafted a little space

In my perfectly occupied world

Imprinting himself forever

In my heart

That allowed me to separate

The storm from the sea

And sail on saliently.


A little sailor

Unlocking the chains

Bottled around

My unforgiving heart.


For she who walked the desert,

Her sins, they were enchanted


Dazzling like stars, glistening regally

Like fireflies in the night’s sky,

Dancing beneath the flicker of his eye.


With one sweet whisper, he scooped her up

Held her in the calm of his palm

The world a storm, sweet silence lingering between them.


Love, like a candle, twinkling,

Illuminating our best sides.


Attracting heat

And nourishing souls.


A feeling to fall into,

A cloud to be cushioned by,

A depth to search.


Now that I’ve found you

And you, I.

Gone with the wind

The freedom

Its refreshing touch upon my face

Mussing up my hair

And blowing my eyelashes apart.

Its strength lifting me up; I may soar

Like birds above,

Gaining distance and perspective

On the life below.

I am nothing but a human

Looking down, seeing

The water lapping against the rocks,

Slapping their surfaces

With their routined rhythm

Ebbing and flowing

Tempting my jump.

I am powerless,

Frozen on the edge

Uplifted by the gusts of power,

Their ability to move me

Shift my stale thoughts

Strip off the top layer of skin

To reveal

            A simplicity

            Rooted in sensibility

The wind sings,

My heart laughs

            All knowing,

Carefree and alive

Re-born –

I’m an eagle

Scouring the land for prey

Rising high in search

Before dipping down low

                                    To strike

Precisely plopping in the sea one sec

To retrieve my prize

Blowing out the cobwebs

Afresh with possibility

Eyes brighter

Ears tingled cold

Face whipped with the speed

As it gushes past

Whispering the secrets of the day

I am listening

Yet really I already know.

A thousand times I have stood here

A thousand times I will stand

To brush against the face of danger

 And confide in my old friend,

The wind.

Goodbye stick insect

A hard life has the stick insect.

Not the most compelling of pets,

Easy to lose

Beneath the brambles, hidden

In the glass box container.

Pulsing with each pace, it



Yet they do camouflage superbly well.

Until one day they die.

You can never be sure.


A genuine stick

Standing to attention like a soldier

Waxed into position.

We didn’t know what to do.

Had to be sure,

To be sure.

And when it was clear,

A makeshift matchbox,


But the red crucifix,

Worked wonders as its


Serious September

Season’s changing, my old friend

Summer has to come to an end

Leaves are falling, crunching below foot,

Mind is stabilising, feeling resolute.

The fire’s embers slowly burning,

A new perspective that I’m learning.


Sunshine frolics to leave behind

For I must return to the daily grind.

Carefree adventures casting spells

Nose more attuned to life’s sweet smells.

Observing patterns, taking stock,

Considerations into the melting pot.

The energy required to see me through

The winter months; I must act, think and do.


Autumn tornado arrives in style

Sometimes the transition can take a while.

But this year, the beckoning is real

A desire to focus; knuckle down, I feel.

Festivities may be fun but knackering

Yet they’ve fuelled an internal fracturing

of all that I’ve known

Where the sun shone, seeds have grown.


The season’s passing; a ritualistic endeavour

Lightening clarity, peaceful tremor.

The signs are clear, routine establishing

A new dawn awaits; utterly ravishing.


A hazy blue descends upon some

But I can’t help feeling at one

Summer’s limitless freedom paved the way

Almost looking forward to rain and grey.

Prospective excitement at what’s to come

Lean into change – my rule of thumb.


Embrace the season’s cyclical energy

Dancing in the sun; a lasting memory.

Days get shorter; nestling in

Sourcing opportunities; growing thicker skin.


No longer basking in the light of day

Lots more to experience across work and play.


It’s coming for you – like it or not

So, use the autumn to harvest your plot. 

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